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UofB 2014

University of Bolton UK are launching their new Off Campus Division Awards.  This is to recognise faculty and staff  (yes all staff not just teachers!!) who are working extra hard to help our students.  Nominations must only be for staff working on University of Bolton courses and can only be from University of Bolton Students.

The Off-Campus Division will give awards annually, recognising the contribution of those who have demonstrated best practice in teaching, supporting students, contributing to the efficient operation of partnerships,

Key dates for the awards are as follows: nominations to be sought in mid-May, awards panel to sit at the end of May. So all nominations must be sent to carly.guy@wincedu.net or mary.zafra@wincedu.net before Wednesday 27th May.

Notifications will be made in June, and winners will be invited to attend The Annual Partnership Forum (part of the TIRI conference) to receive their award!

Please see the relevant forms and more information below – if possible, do complete your nomination electronically so that we can send it through to UK more efficiently.

Nomination Form Off-Campus award scheme