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Western International College (WINC) FZE prides itself on the commitment & competencies of its academic staff. Academic staff at WINC are drawn from different backgrounds in terms of nationalities, educational backgrounds, race, gender, marital status, ethnicity & professional experience.

All academic staff members are required to demonstrate their teaching prowess and competencies before they are granted permission to teach on any of the programmes offered at the Western International College (WINC) FZE
In addition to their teaching commitment all academic staff members are actively involved in providing pastoral & personal tutor support to students across the institution

Most of our academic staff members have taught with us over an extended period of time some since WINC’s inception in 2008 and we are confident of their ability to deliver to our students apart from ensuring that our students have the requisite support necessary for their scholastic development.

As a matter of policy we refrain from publishing personal details of our academic staff but in case of specific interest or requests from parents or institutions we may be able to provide the same. WINC strive to maintain faculty to student ratios at no more than 1: 25 which we believe is necessary to quality assure the learning & teaching process. Most of our classes are taught to an average class size of 15 which we believe has resulted in a quality learning experience for our students and also resulted in increased teaching satisfaction for the academic staff.