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It gives me immense pleasure to inform you that our Mechanical Engineering team won third prize in “Speak Out for Engineering” competition organised by IMeche in U.A.E.

From University of Bolton, RAK Academic Center three teams participated. Total ten teams from various universities and industries participated in this competition.

Team One : Bolton pioneers Team members: Umar Shams,Pradnyesh Bagade,Talha Abdul Rashid,Arsalan Farooq,Arsal Faridi,Muhammed Zain Ul Abdeen)

Topic: Harvesting Energy from various sources. The link to view: https://prezi.com/rrqe_wbwcc0n/energy-harvesting/

Topic Introduction: In this presentation they explained various ways to produce electricity from wasted energy. A lot of electrical energy is lost in huge industrial machines in the form of vibration and sound. The team presented on the methods which will convert the vibration back to electrical energy and store it for future use for any machine that runs on electricity.

Team Two : Boltech Team members: Ahmed Murad,Ghanashyam P.S,Haroon Mohd,Joseph Mathew M

Topic: Tokomak. The link to view : https://prezi.com/fcbfkcwvx8zg/ Topic Introduction: In this presentation they explained about Tokamak – an advanced fusion device that uses magnetic fields to confine plasma to emulate the conditions similar to that of a Star, in order to facilitate fusion.

Team Three : Middle East Team members : Ikramuddin,YousafAbduljalil,FaisalAhmed,Rehmanjaved, Kazam Hussain,Abdullah &Muhammed Faizal

Topic: Harvesting waste Heat Energy. The link to view: https://app.emaze.com/@AFLTFLZZ/energy-harvesting#1

Topic Introduction: The demand for energy is increasing, it would be beneficial to the society to harvest this waste heat by converting it into usable electrical energy. The team presented one of the advanced method for converting low temperature waste heat into usable electricity which is pyro electric material with different existing cycles.

Team three were judged third after intense Q&A session by the judges. All teams did an excellent presentation of their topic which was evident as the judges were impressed and praised the quality of the presentation.