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26 May, 2015
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Join us:


Semester 2 Exam week is almost upon us and we’re keen that all students are well prepared for their exams.

You should have already started studying but here are some tips and techniques to help in the coming months;

Organise – yourself, your time and your resources. Make sure you have everything you need when you sit down to study. Get a dedicated space even if it’s just the dining table or kitchen counter top. Make sure it is quiet and you are unlikely to be disturbed. The biggest priority here is to make sure prior planning and good organisation will limit the amount of interruptions.

Pick your topics – you have been studying this subject for months, check your module guide to make sure you know which learning outcomes are going to be tested. Study for these! Simple. If you need help, speak with your Tutor for some more guidance or check on the home campus website for practice papers. Don’t rely on these entirely as the module guide may have changed slightly.

What’s the time? – Time you got a watch… Only joking. You need to be aware of when you are working at your best. Studying late at night if you’d rather be tucked up in bed, is not going to work for you. The same if you dragged yourself out of bed especially to study – you may not give it your all. You know your own “peak times” so try to study during them.

Priorities – Do you HAVE to go bowling this week??? Is there anything that might get in your way that you can sort out now? When is your visa due to expire? Do you need to sort out your passport? These are all things that may interrupt your study but these are FORESEEABLE. You must get them done at your earliest as they will not be acceptable excuses during exam week…

Plan your workload – Keep an eye on the exam timetable, know when your subjects are coming up and don’t leave it too late to study. Your first exam subject takes priority and then ensure you make enough time to schedule the rest of your exams. Studying the night before will not help you. Sleeping well the night before will help you.

We know our students have what it takes to attain excellent grades in their subjects and our well wishes are with you. Good luck to all.