Student Services & Facilities

Student Orientation
New students are invited to attend Student Orientation which provides a comprehensive introduction to WINC, its people, and its services. The orientation session includes a workshop on study skills, goal setting, and diversity issues. Students meet faculty and staff, complete admission requirements, choose electives and participate in a variety of activities designed to help them have a smooth and successful transition to college. This is followed by a Carousel, which is a welcoming party for all new students hosted by senior students of the college.

Second year students serve as Orientation Leaders by helping new students become familiar with the college premises and answering any questions that the new students may have.

Student Council
The Student Council is comprised of students who serve for one academic year in the following positions:
Cultural Head
Sports Head
The Student Council guides and supports student activities.

Student Ambassadors
WINC students sometimes get the opportunity to act as student ambassadors, for example, at the Gulf Education and Training Exhibition (GETEX) in April.

Study Groups
WINC encourages students to help each other in informal study groups. If you are doing well in a subject, then find someone who is doing less well and teach them – both of you will improve your grades in this way. Likewise, if you are not doing so well in a subject, find someone who is, and ask them for help. Again, both of you will improve your grades.

Student Stories

Why I chose WINC?
I chose WINC with the specific intention of moving on to the UK after completing my degree. WINC not only offers an extremely prestigious degree by teaching according to LSE standards, it is also a great stepping stone for those looking to further their education in the UK. There are not many other opportunities in the UAE for what I needed so WINC was the perfect choice for me.

Best place to Study:
In the library and at home. In the library because it is more comfortable for group studying, and it is comfortable with getting all the books you need. At home because of the quiet, comfort and limitless time.

Best Thing about WINC
The opportunity it offers to those in the UAE with its degree. Whether you want to continue your studies in the UK or not, you will hold a UK degree having been taught by LSE standards. So, definitely, the degree that you get for all your efforts is the best thing about WINC, something that is rare in the UAE so also very valuable.

Why Students should come to WINC?
Other than the excellent degree in the end, students who are looking to go to the UK in the future have a very good chance if they study at WINC. WINC is also perfect for those who are interested in learning everything that LSE has to offer without actually being there. From this you can proudly say that you were an external student of one of the best universities in the world.

When asked how much educated men were superior to those uneducated, Aristotle answered, ‘As much as the living is to the dead.’
When asked how much educated folks from LSE are superior to others Emmanuel Israel, an evening student, answered “huh” (Just kidding)

Why I chose WINC:
As a working student, equipping myself with the best tools to face the increasingly complex world of finance and economics led me to their door step. Simply put, there is no other faculty that I have seen in this region who can combine a proper teaching syllabus with new analysis of ongoing information as it happens.

I would recommend WINC as a place to anyone who would like a solid foundation in his/her educational life. The point there is not to rote learn but to imbibe the qualities of critical thinking…question everything. My diploma in economics (completed in 2006) was not just a course in economics but a well rounded look at society and its interactions which expands your analytical focus at the bigger picture.

Faculty /Study habits:
The professors here are amazing with extensive knowledge on the subjects at hand. We even have our own Aristotle… We do wear Greek robes and sit at his feet (metaphorically of course) focusing on the latest financial news whilst incorporating them with the syllabus. Here self discipline and time management should be your top priority. You are expected to have a high level of focus in the classroom and we do have a good time when class mates debate much to the amusement of the professors. The libraries are equipped with extensive materials for research. The exams are quite rigorous and it is expected for us to have a good command over a few things not a little knowledge about a lot of things.

Facilities :
Students can take part in the various activities we have here such as the sports club and the music themes… I should warn you though, people are quite good at table tennis, and I was embarrassed a week ago by a fresher. Still haven’t forgiven him.

In conclusion, I am proud of the education here at WINC. Sometimes I don’t think we understand how good we have it here. The friendships I have nurtured are still an important part of my life. Which one of us will be the next Keynes, Hicks or Pareto? I don’t know but then the chapter isn’t finished yet now is it?

Why I chose WINC?

I’ve always had a keen interest in Economics and was determined to pursue an undergraduate degree in the same. Naturally the first institute that came to my mind was WINC due to the world-class degree provided by the University of London International Programmes, with academic direction provided by the London School of Economics, one of the most prestigious Institutes in the world.

Best place to Study
The library is definitely the perfect place to study because of the peaceful atmosphere and extensive study material available (essential textbooks as well as Past Examination papers) and one has unlimited access to online resources as well. My personal favourite, however, is the discussion room within the library. A small and secluded room, it is ideal for a (slightly loud) group discussion with study resources available at ease.

When the weather is pleasant however, one must definitely make use of the outdoor benches and lush greenery accessible all around the campus – One of the greatest advantages of moving to a beautiful city like Ras Al Khaimah!

Best Thing about WINC
The fact that it offers University of London degree with academic direction from the LSE within the UAE definitely gives WINC a competitive edge over all other Universities in the region. The second best thing about WINC would be the unmatched faculty. The professors here are exceptionally knowledgeable and provide us with their undue time and dedication. I have no reservations in admitting the fact that a large part of my success so far is attributed to the efforts of my teachers and the entire staff at WINC.

Why Students should come to WINC?
If you’re looking for a superior UK degree without having to part with the comfort of home then this is definitely the place for you. WINC is also ideal for working students as there is a weekend schedule offered for those who have work commitments during the week. A number of facilities such as a well-equipped library and I.T. lab, a gymnasium, football and cricket fields, a food court, among others make it an interesting and enjoyable experience for students.

At WINC, you are encouraged to think creatively, to analyze critically, and to practice self- discipline and time- management. These are things I wouldn’t have possibly learnt from anywhere else!

Fatima Tariq, 3rd Year BSc Economics and Management

WINC is located in a state-of-the-art campus in the Northern Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah. Facilities located within the block include:
lecture halls
tutorial rooms
computer labs
conference halls
meeting rooms
multimedia library

Inter-collegiate competitions and cultural programmes take place both on/off campus.

The LSE holds a Study Weekend every February for students who are studying externally around the world. This gives you the chance to ask questions of the academic staff and meet External students from all over the world.

In February 2004 our student, Rohan Ghose, attended the Study Weekend and enjoyed attending lectures and meeting other students from around the world. Rohan went on to win a full scholarship worth over GBP 20,000 to complete his BSc in Economics in London at the LSE.