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Welcome to Student Home!

Most importantly, so you don’t miss your emails from Bolton staff, please take the time to set them up on your phone;

Synchronising your mobile device with our email servers

Most newer mobile devices allow you to pick up your email on the move.
These include Android 2.1 +, Apple iPhone, Nokia devices on Symbian and many others.

Your device’s email client should automatically detect the correct settings:

Account type: Exchange email
Email Address:
Password: as usual
You may then be presented with a prompt that asks you to confirm the security certificate; click accept


Good! Now that’s out the way – it’s likely that you won’t miss important updates and notifications from us!

Ok – so we have the Student Council who head up all the exciting things on site – now go ahead an join the Facebook Group so you can get involved in those too!

At induction you would have been given a pen drive – if you haven’t got one, don’t worry you can still ask for all the documents you need. It contains handbooks and policies that you might need while studying. Definitely read the handbooks as these contain bits of information you need to know right away – the policies, scan over what we have given you and then keep them in a safe place in case you need them later.

Click here to Find my docs!!

Great well I think we have most of the important stuff out the way – oh hang on…. for lunch, find your way over to the Hooke Centre, you’ll be able to get delicious food at reasonable prices, eat your home brought lunch or just have a game of pool with your classmates (NOT DURING CLASS TIME PLEASE!!)

There are CCTV cameras around the place to keep you guys safe and for the detection of crime, don’t get paranoid or flash selfies, we’re just letting you know in case things get out of hand! You know there’s always someone who has your back.

For your ease – here are some links
Bolton Moodle Page
Bolton Email

Welcome to ACERAK – enjoy your time here!